19F710 Graco Ultra 795 XT Standard Series Electric Airless Sprayer, Hi-Boy

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19F710 Graco Ultra 795 XT Standard Series Electric Airless Sprayer, Hi-Boy

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The Ultra 795 XT Standard Series delivers an airless spray experience like no other. Made in the USA with a 2.3 HP Xtreme Torque motor, featuring Next Generation Rapid-Response Pressure Control, and the longest life pump in its class. The 795 XT Standard is sure to change the way you spray.

Xtreme Production & Reliability. XT ProContractor Series electric airless sprayers are built specifically for professional contractors looking to increase production on the industry's most silent spraying platform. Complete with numerous time saving features and the industry's longest life pumps, an XT ProContractor will keep you out of the shop, and on the job.

  • Xtreme Torque Motor Technology
    • 15X more torque than traditional motors
    • 8X more magnets provide unmatched power and performance
    • 90% lower running speeds extend motors life
    • 10X quieter
  • RapidResponse Control
    • Instantly responds to deliver the best finish quality
    • More performance across its full tip size range
    • Industry's largest operating pressure range (50-3,300 psi)
  • Selectable Performance Modes
    • Two selectable spray modes offer unique performance levels to boost efficiency on every job
    • Bring on the savings and achieve Xtreme Control with Low Pressure Mode (50 - 2,000 psi)
    • Use High Pressure mode for Xtreme Performance (500 – 3,300 psi)
  • Easy-to-Read LED Digital Display
    • Visible in even the toughest spraying conditions
  • Endurance Vortex Piston Pump with ProConnect
    • Endurance Vortex Rod Lasts 3X longer than the closest competitor
    • ProConnect Pump Removal for fast on-the-job service
    • 25% longer pump stroke for longer life before repacking
  • TurboClean Cleaning System
    • Industry’s fastest pump cleaning system
    • Delivers 6X faster cleaning with 1/2 the water
    • Convenient location
  • WatchDog Pump Protection
    • Prevents damage by shutting off pump when it's time to refill
  • Durable Filtration
    • Easy Out Filter provides easy maintenance and less clogging
  • Upgrades with Modular Accessories
    • QuickReel hose management
    • SmartDisplay XT compatible with BlueLink
    • Endurance Vortex MAXLIFE EXTREME Pump
    • CrushProof Inlet Strainer
    • Rugged FlatProof tires
  • Contractor PC Gun & RAC X LP 517 SwitchTip
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