About us

Co-Managers Ron and Pat

Ron began in the painting industry in 1993. Ron knew the necessity and challenges of maintenance, repair and upkeep of equipment. And how important for a contractor to keep the equipment in proper working condition! This later turned into repairing and rebuilding all manner of painting equipment. Later, through the expertise he gained in the painting industry, Ron expanded his knowledge and abilities into other pump types. Today, Ron’s great experience with so many types of equipment helps contractors throughout the northwest stay on the job with properly working gear.

After graduation from high school in 1960, Pat started a machinist apprenticeship which was interrupted by military service, then completed later. Through the years, Pat worked as a machinist, quality control inspector, equipment sales specialist, and in small business management. As a machinist, as well as in quality control, Pat was required to meet rigorous specifications. Pat has worked for Rodda Paint Co., doing equipment repair and sales in Rodda’s shop on 4th Ave S. in Seattle WA. When Rodda changed to non-Company owned subcontractors for repairs, right after 9-11, Pat took on management of SprayTek, then Equipment Repair, Inc. and now co-manager of Eastside Pump Repair.