LTX515 Graco RAC X Switch Tip

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LTX515 RAC x Switch Tip. RAC X LTX TIP,SPRAY,515.

The Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) 515 RAC X SwitchTip produces a 10 to 12 inch fan and has a 0.015 inch orifice. Reverse the SwitchTip to easily clear clogs.

Used for residential, commercial or industrial applications.

  • Easy to Identify Tip Size
    • Large raised tip size numbers are always legible – even when covered with paint
  • Best Tip on the Market
    • Longest lasting fan pattern
    • Highest quality finish with a consistent spray pattern
  • Superior Tip Design
    • Locking tab ensures tip stays securely in guard
    • Snaps tip in spray or reverse position
    • OneSeal tip gasket installs with no tools
    • Solvent seal available when using extremely hot solvents.

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