85.570.070 Power/Ease 225CC Engine

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85.570.070 BE Power/Ease 225CC Engine

Powerease engines have been used by BE Power Equipment for well over ten years and have proved themselves to be powerful and reliable. Their reputation has earned the trust to be used on a wide range of power equipment.

  • Replacement engine for equipment that accepts a keyed, 3/4” horizontal shaft.
  • Air cooled, 4-stroke, Over Head Valve (OHV) design enables higher compression ratio to obtain greater power output.
  • Uses common SAE 10W30 motor oil to splash lubricate the components in the crankcase.
  • Automatic low-oil sensor will shut down the engine if the oil level drops to dangerous levels.
  • Fuel recommended to use is regular unleaded that is 86 octane or more. It is best to use fuel with no ethanol, but ethanol blends of up to 10% is acceptable.

Engine / Motor:
Assembled Engines
Fuel Capacity:
HP:7.5 Air Cooled, 3/4" Keyed Shaft, Low Oil Shut Off

DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 16"x14"x14"

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