20B304 Graco Ultra 650 XT Electric Airless Sprayer, Lo-Boy

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20B304 Graco Ultra 650 XT Electric Airless Sprayer, Lo-Boy

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The Ultra 650 XT delivers an airless spray experience like no other. Made in the USA with a 1.9 HP Xtreme Torque motor, featuring Next Generation Rapid-Response Pressure Control, elevated performance, and the longest life pump in its class. The 650 XT is sure to become a staple in your fleet.

Xtreme Productivity. Xtreme Reliability. Graco's Xtreme Torque Midsize Electric sprayers make it easier to get more work done in a day with increased flow and production rates.

  • Xtreme Torque Motor Technology
    • 15X more torque than traditional motors
    • 8X more magnets provide unmatched power and performance
    • 90% lower running speeds extend motors life
    • 10X quieter
  • RapidResponse Control
    • Instantly responds to deliver the best finish quality
    • More performance across its full tip size range
    • Industry's largest operating pressure range (50-3,300 psi)
  • Selectable Performance Modes
    • Two selectable spray modes offer unique performance levels to boost efficiency on every job
    • Bring on the savings and achieve Xtreme Control with Low Pressure Mode (50 - 2,000 psi)
    • Use High Pressure mode for Xtreme Performance (500 – 3,300 psi)
  • Easy-to-Read LED Digital Display
    • Visible in even the toughest spraying conditions
  • Endurance Vortex Piston Pump with ProConnect
    • Endurance Vortex Rod Lasts 3X longer than the closest competitor
    • ProConnect Pump Removal for fast on-the-job service
  • TurboClean Cleaning System
    • Industry’s fastest pump cleaning system
    • Delivers 6X faster cleaning with 1/2 the water
    • Convenient location
  • WatchDog Pump Protection
    • Prevents damage by shutting off pump when it's time to refill
  • Durable Filtration
    • Easy Out Filter provides easy maintenance and less clogging
  • Easy Transport
    • Only 68 lbs (Hi-Boy)
  • Contractor PC Gun & RAC X LP 517 SwitchTip

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