18H300 Graco Contractor PowerShot Standard

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18H300 Graco Contractor PowerShot Standard

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Introducing the next generation in airless spray guns, the Contractor PowerShot Standard. Designed to reduce spitting virtually altogether, the PowerShot gun features the industry's lightest trigger pull force and the abilit to spray all day on a single charge.

Instant Response Electric Powered Gun Virtually Eliminates Spits

  • Instant Response Trigger Actuates 80X faster than traditional guns.

Industry's Lightest Trigger Pull Force

  • All day comfort with 80% less force on each trigger pull.

Flexible Gun Whip Hose

  • 6 ft x 1/8 in flexible hose allows for full mobility and easy hose management as you spray.

Provides superior spray control and reduces user fatigue.

  • Ergonomic In-Line Handle With Easy Out Gun Filter

Provides contractors a comfortable handle to hold

  • Keeps dirt & debris out of your pattern for a better finish!

Fastest Service On The Jobsite

  • Rebuild your gun in seconds with the ProConnect replacement cartridge.

Hands-Free PowerPak Attachment

  • Quickly & easily attach the PowerPak control for hands-free hose management.
    Works with any belt and provides unlimited operating configurations.

Powered by DeWalt

  • Spray all day long with a single battery.

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