17J876 Graco Repair Kit, Inlet Valve, ProX17, Stand/Cart

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17J876 Graco Repair Kit, Inlet Valve, ProX17, Stand/Cart.


Replace a worn or damaged inlet valve with genuine Graco parts. Valve comes in a kit for easy replacement. For ProX series stand or cart model sprayers. Refer to the parts manual for your sprayer to ensure part compatibility.

Pump Professors Note:

Paints and coatings wear down valves from normal use due to the abrasives used in coatings. Use Genuine Graco parts to keep your sprayer in peak working order for years to come.

  • Check inlet valve for wear, scratches or rust if sprayer does not prime spray
  • Graco tech support can further assist with troubleshooting sprayer operation
  • Use with magnum ProX17, ProX19 and ProX21 sprayer models 17G177, 17G178, 17G179, 17G180, 17G181, 17G182
  • Genuine Graco parts kit includes housing, ball and spring

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